Built from the ground up using Symfony2 this crowdfunding platform offers multiple different funding models.

Digital Life Sciences/Illumina Digital

Working on a range of projects for Digital Life Sciences and Illumina Digital including maintaining Drupal sites and building entirely new products in Symfony 2. Clients ranged from NHS trusts, to media companies.

3 Fish in a tree

Working on a range of projects for this creative agency in Central London, including deciphering and improving a bespoke CMS/framework for a large architectural client’s website.

Hogarth Worldwide

We have undertaken numerous projects for Hogarth Worldwide including work for some of their clients, for example Santander’s range of marketing sites and on a Facebook application for Vodafone Music

We also provided consultancy level services to Hogarth Worldwide.

Lets Go Crazy Events/

The main focus of our involvement with Let’s Go Crazy was the development of their new project Yourvine. This is a new social advocacy platform aimed at 16-30 year olds, and provides rewards for completing tasks & challenges for brands.

We architected the code and developed the beta site using Symfony 2, the system itself utilises complex logic including geo-location, and numerous third party services (facebook, twitter etc.)